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Outrage as people queue to fetch spilled fuel (Watch Video)



The people of an unknown community capture the attention of many as they are seen queueing to get their share of spilled fuel from a tanker.

A video making the rounds on social media sparked outrage over the negligence and the risk taken by a group of people.

In the video people are seen in numbers with their individual buckets while some were almost submerged in the spilled fuel.

Netienz, however, called out the nonchalant attitude of the group for risking their lives despite several known cases of fire in such a situation.

“Omg 😳. Some people no dey fear at all, all because of money, now If one spark of fire occur now, they’re all gonna roast,” a social media user wrote.

Another user added, “Omo after watching this video, all I could say is thank you lord. I’ll never be poor to this extent 😫💔💔.”

Watch the video below …

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