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“So it’s this big bumbum you’re taking to heaven” – Man exclaims as he loses wife



Minister Wakajugbe recently used Twitter to recount an intriguing incident involving a friend of his who exclaimed about big bumbum while starring at his deceased wife‘s body at the morgue.

According to the Twitter user’s account, Minister Wakajugbe’s friend was deeply saddened by the loss of his wife and shed tears in her presence. However, during this poignant moment, he unexpectedly made a statement that caught his attention.

Minister Wakajugbe took to Twitter to share an incident involving his grieving friend who was at the morgue, viewing the lifeless body of his departed wife.

Despite being visibly distraught and shedding tears over the loss, Minister Wakajugbe’s friend uttered an astonishing statement.


He wrote

“A friend of mine lost his wife n we took her to the morgue. Man was crying and looking at his and his next words took life outta me for a min; “baby so it’s this big bumbum ure taking to heaven” fam I literally fainted.”

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