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Young cleaner finally exposes man after two years of being fondled and harassed by him (Video below)



A young lady who works as a cleaner at a plaza has summoned courage to call out a man after two years of being constantly harassed by him.

She said he usually comes around when she is cleaning the environment and offers her money in exchange for her fulfilling some of his intimate desires.

In a video which surfaced online, she was shedding tears uncontrollably while narrating how he solicits her regularly when she’s working and she was fed up with it.

She said he often grabs her inapproproately and offered her money touch her private part and she refused but he kept insisting.

The lady added that at some point he asked if she has a phone and she revealed that she doesn’t so he said he will give her N50,000 if she gives in to his request.

In his defence, the man said they know each other and her claim is unfounded as he was only playing with her.

The plaza’s security was invited to take the man out of the premises and he was escorted out, even though some people wanted him to be arrested.

Watch the video below:


dashingbeauty_makeover said; MEN! Lord pls help me to raise my son right🙏 may he not bring me and you shame dear God

swag_omoluabi; Pepper spray should b part of ladies equipment.

iamyetundebakare; She has had it up to here ⬆️ you can feel the pain in her voice 😢 they should get the culprit arrested!

didi_whyte_; But wetin she wear? 🙄 🤔 women make una help matter small.

amyshine0; It been two years and you kept quiet? You no see bottle design his face before reporting him?

mcdanfo; Hole 2 years, no be 2days or 2months. You and the guy done Dey talk to d point of him asking you if u have fone and u answer him u dnt have PHONE.

So u will stay after him HARASSING, he will ask u if u have phone again fr truout a year n him no buy u phone but u Dey wait him Dey harass u Dey ask u abt phone fr 2 years and u Dey answer NO Phone…. No dis STORY no clear.. something is missing.

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