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“They want to take our properties” – Widow with 4 kids calls out husband’s family



A widow and a mother of four kids has called out her late husband’s relatives for attempting to seize their property.

The widow who appeared in a video pleaded for assistance from the governor of Edo State, the oba of Benin, and other Nigerians claiming that she and her late husband, who lived in Europe for 24 years, were lawfully wed.

She went on to say that her spouse had returned to Nigeria after being given a cancer diagnosis and not improving. However, she believed her husband’s family was planning to have him killed.

“My husband was sick in Europe and was diagnosed with cancer. He was brought to Nigeria to find a cure. When they brought him to Nigeria, I never knew his family had some conspiracy and plans of killing him…,” she narrated.

“…Because they want to collect property from us, they buried him in an undisclosed land,” she said amid tears.

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