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Man baffled as he sees wife at same hotel he took his girlfriend



A man has found himself in a fix as he catches his wife with another man at the same hotel he secretly took his girlfriend to.

The account was shared by a Tweep identified as @BolanleCole who revealed that the story was shared to him by a lawyer friend of his.

According to the BolanleCole, the cheating man had secretly took his girlfriend to a hotel which is quite a distance from his office in order to avoid being caught.

However, shockingly for him, he had also seen his wife with another man at the same hotel and they both caught sight of each other.

@BolanleCole wrote:

“What is really happening to our people, immorality has taken over our generation.

A lawyer friend told me this story just now that😎 A man took his girlfriend to one hotel far away from his office and met his wife with another man while coming out from the same hotel💔they saw themselves.

Can we just say 50/50? The man is really hurt, mad and angry while the woman is unbothered and not even worried🙃”

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