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Man breaks up with girlfriend of 12-years after discovering they not spiritually compatible



A Nigerian man has ended his twelve (12) year relationship with his girlfriend on basis that they are not spiritually compatible.

A Twitter user identified on Twitter as @ifeomatess, took to his page to share the story of the couple and why they broke up.

According to the Twitter user, the man ended the relationship with his girlfriend he has been dating for 12 years to marry another lady he met six months ago.

According to the post shared, the family of the man went to check spiritually if their child and his girlfriend he’s had been dating since she was 18 were compatible.

She wrote on Twitter;

“Imagine dating someone since you were 18 and now that you’re 30 and thought marriage is the next step, he married someone he met 6 months ago. See, this is how y’all create a monster because where do you want her to start? 12yrs of her life…some men are evil!

Please if you know you and your family like to go to spiritual places to check spouse compatibility, try dey do am in the talking stage because I don’t understand why you’ll wait for 12yrs to check that. Stop wasting people’s time and yours too.”

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