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“Reason why I don’t date married men even when i know am not holy” – Ashmusy narrates



A popular Nigerian actress and comedienne, Ashmusy (Amarachi Amusi), has revealed details regarding the married men who send her messages and “toasting” her.

Discussing her body enhancement surgery with the Vanguard, Ashmusy revealed why she does not respond to married men or want to date them.

Addressing the topic, Ashmusy said, “Getting your body done makes you want to show off, but I do not do it for money or men. Sometimes, I get messages from men when I post certain kinds of videos, but I do not respond to them. I get a lot of messages from married men, but I do not reply to them because I was raised properly in a Christian home. I am not holy, but I was raised with good morals. I do not date married men.

She added,

“I always say no to married men approaching me because I have a conscience and I do not want my husband to do the same to me whenever I decide to build a home. I do not want him going after young girls while I am trying to make our marriage work. It would really hurt me.

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