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“My boyfriend goes down on me during periods and I do lick his armpits” – Nigerian lady says, Nedu shocked



A Nigerian lady identified as Monalisa Stephen has get many people talking following her recent statement while speaking about man and woman satisfying each other on bed.

Monalisa was an invited guest on the The Honest Bunch Podcast hostel by media personality Nedu Wazobia and other as they discussed about Body positivity.

Speaking on body positivity, Monalisa disclosed that when it comes to having intercourse among those in relationship, there is need for them to touch every party of the body.

Shedding more light on what she is saying, Monalisa revealed that her man used to go down on her during her periods noting at the beginning she doesn’t known what he was trying to proof.

She said before she used to think it was dirty until she googled it and found out that period bloods are harmless.

This sparked several reactions during the podcast as some ladies were left shocked, some even said that they don’t allow their men to touch them during their periods.

Not stopping there, Monalisa further said that parts of the ways she used to satisfy her fantasies is by licking her boyfriend armpits and by extension Nedu who never sees this coming was left shocked.

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See reactions below;

iamnasboi: I cover my humble listeners with the blood of Jesus. Oga nedu looking like 26 for me.

prettymikeoflagos: The blood of Jesus to this PodCast 🙏🏽.

officialsucrepapito: St Paul to this generation of Nigerians “I don’t even know where to start”

nkechi_blessing_sunday: The guy must be a Vampire Cus WTH🤮🤮.

specialspesh: 😂😂😂😂 anybody that is taking it!!!! 😮😮😮 NA WA O.

specialspesh: Imagine how many baba don date before he kiss u….. or if he Dey periodically cheat with period person.

chyleeobior: No kind nonsense we no go see for here 😮😮. Ndi spontaneous.

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