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Moment lady asked filling station attendant where APC supporters can buy cheap petrol (Video below)



A Nigerian lady has shared a video of her interaction with a filling station attendant to make a point that nobody gets special favours for being from a particular tribe or for voting a political party.

She visited the fuel station to ask for the price of petrol and the attendant informed her that it was N240 per litre, but she specifically asked for a queue where Yoruba people can buy from.

In the video posted on Twitter by @FluffyFaith, the worker told her that she was at the place meant for everyone.

She, however, stated that she wanted to know the place that people who voted for the All Progressives Congress, (APC) can buy the fuel at a price cheaper than N240 per litre.

Faith had written: “Let me just tell you, nobody will ask for your tribe, who you voted for or your stance on the just concluded election when we start facing the repercussion of our decision. Ututuoma o”

During the exchange, the fuel attendant continued to explain that the petrol being sold is of quality standard and she was at the right place.

Watch the video below:

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