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Heartbroken man discovers after Valentine that his wife was sleeping with 7 men



A heartbroken Kenyan man has narrated how he found out about his wife’s infidelity, weeks after he pampered her on Valentine’s Day..

The man revealed that he had loved his wife unreservedly; he claimed that his love for her was at 101% but after discovering her infidelity, it dropped to 50%.

In a chat with a host, the man bared his heart on how he had felt after finding out that the wife whom he had loved so much was busy having an affair with seven men.

The man revealed that his wife was using the name of his club to gain favours from different guys.

He also discovered her chats with several men in which they were exchanging unclad photos; and the gift he had sent to her, she also sent it to her lovers, mocking him in discussion.

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