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Lady breaks boyfriend’s heart a week after he took her shopping with his school fees



A Ghanaian student has been captured on tape crying profusely after finding out that his girlfriend is cheating on him.

The discovery was so heartbreaking for him because it came exactly a week after he took her on a shopping spree.

According to his roommate, who narrated the story in a clip, the student used the money his parents gave him to pay school fees to buy the items for his girlfriend who studies at the same institution.

In the video, which contained past and current events, he could be seen being all loved-up with the girl after they returned to the hostel.

The bag of goodies were all laid out on the bed and he felt fulfilled to have made his girl happy, however, just a week later the story changed.

The narrator said Ghanaian rapper, Medikal visited the university for a show and when his team was leaving, the young man’s girlfrien was among the ladies they went with.

He reportedly spotted the moment his babe hopped into a big car that carried she and her friends out of school.

The boyfriend then returned to his room and started crying uncontrollably as his friends tried to comfort him.

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