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PDP Chieftain Reveals What Atiku Said About Peter Obi After The Mammoth Crowd In Awka And Imo Rally



Dan Ulasi, a former PDP chairman in Anambra State has revealed Atiku Abubakar’s response to his campaign rallies in Awka and Owerri, the capital cities of Anambra and Imo States, respectively.

Ulasi asserted that Atiku was shocked by the big turnout at his rallies in Awka and Owerri in an interview with AIT . Atiku allegedly said he did not expect such a big turnout for his event in a location where Peter Obi, one of the presidential contenders, hails from, according to Ulasi.

Atiku was then informed by Ulasi that Peter Obi had formerly been a PDP member.
Dan Ulasi claims that “Awka and Owerri should witness our rally. The Owerri rally was unlike any other that this nation has ever seen, and it was amazing. And you may observe those who truly came to offer their support and remained till 5:00 p.m.

They were ferried there by buses and arrived punctually after departing their respective local governments. Our presidential candidate received so much adulation that he couldn’t believe one of the contenders was from this area, especially in Awka and Owerri. And I mentioned that the candidate in question was a PDP member up until a few months ago “.

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