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“Born To Be a Star” – 8yrs Old Girl in Flower Gown Dances with Swag in Public, Crowd Cheers Her (Video below)



A video of a confident girl who danced with swag and accuracy has gone viral on TikTok.

Bedecked in a flowing flower gown, the girl, said to be 8 years old, was spotted dancing in a video.

The girl danced in the midst of a large crowd who were obviously wowed by her dance steps.

It was as if she rehearsed her moves before the event because there were no mistakes at all in her dance performance

The girl called Adubea has been described as a born star because she danced with a lot of talent and she was not shy.

Adubea’s hand gestures and leg moves depict someone who knows her game and exactly how to execute it.

Numerous TikTok users have hailed her for her prowess even as they say she has a future in dancing. The video has been viewed 500k times.


8years old Adubea on the dance floor Note : this page doesn’t support violence

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