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#NepalPlaneCrash: Watch the final moments from inside the Yeti Airlines flight that crashed in Nepal Killing At Least 68 Passengers



When the plane smacked into the ground, it immediately erupted into flames … and townspeople rushed out to the crash site. First responders descended onto the scene and attempted to transport as many victims as they could to the hospital. Thus far 68 people are reported as dead, and an additional 4 are still missing … with search efforts underway..

At this point, it’s unclear what caused the aircraft to nosedive — the matter is under investigation. However, footage taken from the ground seems to show the the last few seconds the plane was in the air before it collided into a gorge … and it’s terrifying.

Even more disturbing footage was taken from the cabin itself. An unidentified man who was in the plane right before it torpedoed was actually going live on Facebook, and as you can see in his clip — which has since gone viral — he has no clue they’re about to crash.

Before long, he’s filming some other passengers in front start to tilt to their right … and suddenly, the plane hits the ground — with flames taking up the entire view of the camera.

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