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“I chased her back” – Nigerian man in pain as he exposes mum who visited him



A Nigerian man recently shared his experience with his mother who visited his matrimonial home for the first time. The young man had gotten married to the love of his life, and his mother decided to visit them for the first time.

However, after getting there, she began to make trouble with his wife to the extent of slapping her. When probed and tackled over her mistakes, the woman refused to accept it, but rather continued giving trouble and causing a problem in her son’s matrimonial home.

This infuriated her son who could no longer hold himself back from sending his mother away from the house.

Dexterouz11 who shared the story via Twitter said:

“My guy said his mother visited his new wife at their home for the first time and he sent her packing in just 2 days. She had a fight with his wife and slapped the girl. My guy came back and asked about the situation and found out his mother was at fault.

“She no gree because she be mama. She kept on causing wahala in the home until he had to chase her away the second day. New couples, keep family away from your matrimonial home. At least for the first two years.”

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When contacted Dexterouz11 to find out more about the situation, he revealed that the man’s mother has refused to speak to her son since then.

“He and his mother no longer talk after he sent her home. His mother said she won’t forgive that. But his wife is now at peace and that’s what matters.”

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