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Years After Denying Pregnancy, Nigerian Man Unable To Achieve Anything In Life



A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to seek advice on how to help her ex-boyfriend who is going through a tough time.

Narrating their story anonymously on Life Facebook group, the lady revealed that the young man who hails from Akwa Ibom had actually denied her pregnancy 15 years ago.

She was on holiday at her aunty’s place where she met the man who is her neighbour. Then in her year one at the university, they fell in love and began dating

But after putting her in a family way, the lady said that he denied impregnating her and even threatened to arrest her.

The reaction of her once-sweet boyfriend shocked her. Eventually, a friend linked her up with a chemist who helped abort the baby. Lady curses man who rejected her pregnancy The lady said she painfully cursed her erstwhile lover with her blood and moved on.

“I took the blood after the abo*rtion and with a painful heart and cursed the guy, and moved on with my life…” She would forgive him months later after he sought her forgiveness. However, the lady is not happy with his current situation though she is married with kids. She said they met earlier in 2022 and he looked old, with no wife and kids.

“He told me that he was told that I was the cause of his problems, I told him that I had already forgiven him which genuinely I did. But seeing him in that condition brought tears in my heart,” she wrote.

Chiagozie Okwuaka said: “You should pray for him. Ask God to settle him maritally and to financially bless him too. He that has been forgiven much will forgive much. God forgave you so why are you still holding him down all those years?”

Kate Onyegwara Okoli said: “You are not the cause of his predicament. His wickedness is flogging him. It is possible he did same to other girls, but women sef……. Please let us stop getting pregnant out of wedlock. “If you must gfytrescvbkxjz, always remember that they sell postinor 2 and cond*om for a reason.”

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