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“The men that have been proposing to me don’t look like the one my pastor prophesied” – Lady Cries Out



A single woman faces a conundrum when none of her suitors seem like the guy she saw in her vision of her future spouse.

The woman said that her preacher had told her everything about her future husband or wife.

Her pastor outlined the ideal husband, but she hasn’t met anybody who looks like him among the guys who have approached her about a marriage proposal.

To help her decide whether to accept one of her numerous suitors or continue waiting for the prophecy to be fulfilled, the woman has turned to social media.

“My pastor prophesied how my future husband looks like and what he does but all the men coming my way do not match the prophecy that was given to me and they are all serious and ready for marriage.

Please want to know. Should choose one of them or wait for the prophecy to come through I am confused,” she wrote.

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