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“Igbos Have The Chance To Presidency So Stop Saying You’ll Give Them A Chance In 2027” – Rufai Tell Atiku



During the Arise TV morning show, the Nigerian journalist and presenter, Oseni Rufai, reacted to the statement made by the PDP presidential candidate, stating that he is going to use one term in government and then allow the Igbos to rule in 2027.

During the PDP rally in Anambra, Atiku promised to be a stepping stone to an Igbo president, pointing out that he would use a term in office and then allow the Igbos to rule.

According to him,” The people of Anambra State, I’m sure you know that I’m going to be the stepping stone to an Igbo president in this country.” “I’m sure because, by my actions, this is the third time I’m riding with an Igbo man.”

As regards this, Oseni Rufai reacted, stating that the Igbos have an equal chance at the presidency and the PDP presidential candidate should stop using that to campaign.

According to him, “Phillip and Alex Ekwueme were both vice presidential contenders, and an Igbo man emerged as vice president.” Since then, the Igbos have been aligning; from 1978 to this time, you can do the math and see how many years have passed. It’s been over 40 years.

And that’s why I got taken back by the statement that the candidate of the PDP would be a stopgap to the Igbo presidency in 2027. Is that it now? “Don’t the Igbos have a chance to take the presidency?”

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