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Mother Jumps Into Swimming Pool, Saves Her Baby Who Fell Into Water (Video below)



A TikTok video has shown a mum who acted fast to save the life of her child who fell into a swimming pool. The mother’s fast action was captured in a video posted on Friday, December 16 by lwazymashaba.

The video shows two children playing by the poolside, but they all had their legs in the water

It is not clear if she deliberately dived in, but she appears to be in need of help when her mother also jumped into the water. The mother’s speed and fast action saved the day as she was able to rescue the child and bring her out of the pool of water on time.

While some TikTok users say the video was deliberately made, others are praising the woman for preventing what they say would have been a disaster. It is not yet known where the incident happened.

Watch the video below:

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