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“Nose Swelled Up” – Lady Cries Out As Her Face Changes Totally During Pregnancy (Video below)



A TikTok lady has posted a video showing how her face changed when she was pregnant. The lady named Haeyosato posted the video on Friday, December 16 and it quickly got 7.5 million views.

In the video, Heyosato showed how beautiful she was before she took in and how her face has changed over the period of pregnancy.

The video shows that Heyosato had a very smooth and pretty face before she became pregnant.

Things however changed considerably as it seemed the pregancy stress kicked and her face became swollen. Also, her nose looks a little bigger in the updated photo and a lot of women in her coment section have said they experienced the same thing. Heyosato captioned the video: “I’m going to be so cute pregnant, I can’t wait. Pregnancy is a ghetto.”

Watch Video Below:

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