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Most Women Urinate During Intercourse Over These Reasons



“Urinating during intercourse” is a “very widespread health problem” that “affects many people (primarily women) during intercourse,” according to Healthline.

Male bodies have a natural defence mechanism that makes it difficult to urinate during a hard-on, making this a more common issue among women.

In this post, I want to briefly discuss the reason why a women may urinate during intimacy according to Healthline.

Incontinence has been found to be a significant contributor to the recurrence of involuntary urinating during intimacy, according to recent studies. The inability to hold one’s urine is known as urinary incontinence

The genitourinary system generates stress on the urinary tract, which can lead to urinary incontinence for women during $exual activity. Therefore, all women need to be made aware of the threats they face.

People with these difficulties also seem to have a higher prevalence of urine incontinence, according to some research. Bloating, nerve damage from illnesses like stroke and diabetes, medicine (particularly antidepressants as well as blood pressure pills), natural diuretics, & bladder irritants are only few of the many causes of urine incontinence. Every woman needs to work hard to stay safe from threats that can be avoided.

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