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Heavy Pregnant Woman Reacts As Hubby Tells Her To Cook At Night (Video below)



A hilarious exchange involving a white man and his pregnant wife over dinner has stirred reactions on social media. In a TikTok video, the woman appeared on the scene and was asked by her man filming in the background what is for dinner.

The lady said she was for dinner but quickly backtracked upon seeing that he was serious. She made to seat on a chair, making it clear that she was not going to cook.

The man funnily startled her by telling her not to sit and that she should go and make food for him.

“You’re in trouble if you don’t make me dinner,” he said jokingly. He used a pidgin slang and declared himself king, but his wife stood her ground, insisting that she is in her third trimester. She ordered him to cook for her instead.

Watch Video Below:

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