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“Why Not In School?” – Boy Who Is A Hawker Solves Maths Like Computer In Sweet Video



Instagram users have been stunned by the video of a young hawker who is gifted in mathematics.

In a viral video seen on Instagram, the boy stood before some admirers who stopped him in the middle of the road when he was hawking.

He was giving quick answers to their arithmetic questions. A lot of them were marvelled at how fast he churned out the answers.

More amazing was the fact that the boy was not making use of a calculator. People have questioned why he is out hawking instead of being in school.

It is not known if the boy is not in school at all or if hawking is what he does on permanent basis.

Watch the video below:

Reactions from Instagram users

@familydoctor_blog said: “God why should a child like this be on the street hawking? Bless me big God I want to sponsor a child like this to the PHD level in life. Almighty God bless me. Whenever I see underprivileged talents or brilliant children like this on the street hawking it brings so much burden upon my soul through out that day I won’t be ok. God please send helper to this boy please God. Don’t let him waste away in life. Amen.”

@chinny_005 commented: “He’s a genius, I hope this video will connect him to his helper. He needs exposure to great education.”

@vstarma said: “God should give us a good government that will help this kind of people.”

@muyiair reacted: “This is literally a genius wasting away somewhere. I hope he’s in school, if not I’d really like to help!”

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