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Why Do Nigerian Ladies Wear Waist Beads?



Historians believe the African tradition of waist beads may have originated among the Yoruba tribe, now mainly in Nigeria. But the practice is also seen in West Africa, notably Ghana, where the beads signify wealth and aristocracy, as well as femininity.

Waist beads are a traditional African accessory that consist of small glass beads on a string or wire worn around the waist or hips. In Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, and other West African countries, waist beads are a symbol of femininity, fertility, sensuality, and spiritual well-being. In some African cultures, waist beads are worn to show maturity and growth.

Though some people wear waist beads for protection against evil eyes and negative energy (most waist beads that contain chakras and crystals are used for this), others wear it as a fashion accessory that beautify their waist when wearing low waist jeans and crop tops. It is said that the beads shape your body and keep the

It was (and still is) used as a measurement tool. The beads do not stretch, so if/when the waist beads start to feel a little tight, it’s a sign that there was some weight gain, and vice versa.

As far as waist training is concerned, waist beads are being used more and more in North America as a way to control weight gain and shrink your waist. Naturally, as the beads get tighter, you know you’re gaining a few pounds.

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So you can nip that weight gain in the bud before you’re struggling to button your jeans. Though many have a negative perception of women wearing waist beads, and call them promiscuous, others still viewed it as just a beauty accessory. Benefits of wearing a bead that ladies love

(1)Weight awareness. Waist beads are commonly used to gauge changes in weight.

(2)Maturity: In parts of the world where waist beads are a tradition, the beads are often associated with womanhood, maturity, and growth.

(3) Waist beads are eye catchy and so induce intimacy. They are also said to signify fertility.

(4)Heritage and pride: They are often seen as a cultural heritage and pride.

(5) Women who wear waist beads are believed to be more attractive and sensuous

(6) Tired of wearing waist trainers? Get Waist beads. They help shrink your waist and help you watch your weight.

(7)Waist beads give you that segxwal appeal (8)Waist beads let you know when you’re losing weight or gaining weight. The beads roll lower your waist when you’re losing weight or roll higher/get tight when you’re gaining some weight

(9) They’re gorgeous.

(10) The rattling sound they make is on point and calls attention.

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