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Israel Adesanya Suffers KO Defeat From His Nemesis, Alex Pereira



Israel Adesanya becomes the latest Nigerian fighting star to suffer a disastrous defeat in the fighting world, following after the footsteps of Anthony Joshua and Kamaru Usman. This would incidentally be the third time Alex Pereira defeats Israel Adesanya in the MMA scene

Although, there has been renewed call for a rematch of this fight, there is very little signs that suggest that Isreal Adesanya would be able to evade or counter the strange power of Alex “Po Atan” Pereira. You can see the full finishing clip of the fight below:

Adesanya was likely up on the scorecards, three rounds to one, when he slipped in the middle of the octagon. He tried to recover but it was the beginning of the end. As Adesanya retreated to the fence, Pereira followed and peppered him with punches to the face, stunning him and nearly knocking him unconscious. Referee Marc Goddard ended the fight as Adesanya’s body went limp, though Adesanya protested the stoppage as he attempted to regain his composure.

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