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Things You Need To Know – Which Blood Group Are Mosquitoes Most Attracted To?



According to healthline It’s possible that you and a friend or sibling have been in a spot where the mosquitoes have been particularly aggressive, and you’ve noticed that you’ve been getting more bites than they have.

While it may sound extreme, mosquitoes do have a preference for specific hosts. Mosquitoes may preferentially target people of certain blood groups for a variety of reasons.

This article will examine the blood group most affected by mosquito bites, as reported by Healthline. If you’re constantly fighting off mosquitoes, it could be because you have the blood type that attracts the most of them. But before we get to the meat of the story, we need to cover the basics of blood types.

So, What Do All Those Different Blood Types Actually


If a person’s blood type is A, it simply implies that their red blood cells only carry the A antigen.

B blood groups are characterized by the presence of a single antigen on the surface of the red blood cells of their carriers.

Blood type AB indicates that both the A and B antigens are present on the surface of the red blood cells.

In the case of a person with an O blood type, both the A and B antigens are present on the surface of their erythrocytes.

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I’m curious, though: what blood type do mosquitoes prefer? Mosquitoes are more likely to bite people with blood type 0 compared to those with other blood types.

The statistical evidence suggests that this may be related to the secretions these people produce. Mosquitoes may be drawn to certain people due to the substances they secrete, specifically the A and O blood group antigens. The H antigen secreted by the O blood group is thought to be a combination of the A and B antigens.

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