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‘Not my friend’ – Cristiano Ronaldo explains Gary Neville snub



Cristiano Ronaldo has explained why he blanked Gary Neville before Manchester United’s encounter with West Ham at Old Trafford..

The 37-year-old forward greeted Micah Richards and Louis Saha before the match but appeared to ignore Neville who has criticised Ronaldo for his behaviour at Old Trafford. In the new clip from Piers Morgan’s interview with Ronaldo, the Portuguese star explained why he opted to do this.

Speaking on Talk TV, Ronaldo said: “People can have their own opinion but they don’t really know what is going on, for example, inside the training ground and Carrington area or even my life. They should listen to not only one point of view, they have to listen to my point of view as well.

“It is easy to criticise but if you do not know of the whole story it is easy.” When asked if the likes of Neville and Wayne Rooney are his friends still, despite their criticism, Ronaldo defiantly replied: “They are not my friends.

“It is easy to criticise, I do not know if they have a job in television that they must criticise to be more famous but I really do not understand. I think they take advantage [of Ronaldo’s name] because they are not stupid.

“I have to keep going with my life when they criticise or speak good about you but it is hard when you see people who was in the dressing room with you criticising in that way. I am not going to lose sleep or sleep bad because some criticise but it is not good to listen to that. A little bit disappointing.”

The whole interview on Talk TV will be broadcast on Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm on Talk TV.

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