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Medical Doctor reveals the deadly contents found in Agbo



A medical doctor who goes by the username the beard Dr. Sina on Twitter has revealed the deadly content in agbo.

After ready this you will realise why you should stop taking the herbal concoction

According to him;

I worked with @iam_alfred1 on this

We took Agbo (Herbal concoction) from different parts of Nigeria & sent them to Laboratory for Analysis.

Here are deadly things we found in Agbo (Attached to this an official signed report from the Lab (UNILAG).


Naphthalene is used popularly to make Camphor balls

The white balls sometimes used in preserving clothes.

It is used in making chemicals for killing Pests in farms, dyes, concretes.

Naphthalene destroys Blood cells and has been linked to Cancer

Some countries have banned Naphthalene balls, It is still in Nigeria
Agbo was seen to have contained Naphthalene.
Naphthalene should not be taken as a drink.


Acenaphthylene is used in making dyes which is used in coloring clothes.

Because of its peculiarities it is also used as a pigment used to hold colours in different clothing types

You’d wonder why will a drink contain something used for making Dye

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Fluorene is gotten from Coal. also found when you burn Plastics or Pipes made with Polyvinyl chloride.

It is also used in metallic industry to make add on in some metals.

Don’t confuse with FLUORIDE in toothpaste. They’re different.

Why should a drink have this


It is gotten from Coal too. It is used in making Insecticides like Raid, Baygon, etc.
Also wood preservatives used it a lot.

Anthracene too can be found in Cigarette smoke.
Studies have shown long time exposure to Anthracene can cause skin damage

Why in Agbo?


It is used to make plastics and explosives, dyes and chemicals for killing pests.

Animal studies have linked it to possible Cancer cause.
Studies to link to cancer are still in humans

The Agbo samples we took had Phenanthrene.


Triphenylene is gotten from coal. It also has a wide spread use in industries

Now imagine a drink that contains all these dangerous components, that is what was found in Agbo

The Agbo samples we took contained all of these dangerous components…imagine someone drinking all these …the level of organ damage is unimaginable

If this doesn’t convince you that Agbo is deadly
I don’t know what will.

Local herbs for medication ‘Agbo’, the Yoruba name for herbal medicines, is a concoction prepared from a variety of herbs and; it is one of the most popular herbal preparations taken for various ailments, especially by the native Yoruba people.

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There is no doubt that Agbo has been in existence like tipe tipe (since donkey’s years) and has worked various wonders in the human system.
However, medical experts raise concerns on the after effects of taking Agbo, especially over a long period of time.

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