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Fake Mentally Challenged Man Caught With Sack Filled With Dead Babies



ON Sunday the 6th of Novemeber, 2022, a mob descended on a man adjudged to have feigned a mental illness after he was caught with a bag filled with dead babies.

The yet-to-be identified man was caught along Cele Expressway, Lagos.

According to reports, the suspect who was shabbily dressed giving the aura of a mentally challenged person, was seen carrying a sack which had a subtance thaat looked like blood dripping from it.

IT was gathered that the man’s movement arose suspicion from passers-by who demanded to know the content of the sack. The suspect in a bid to evade interrogation, quickly jumped into a lake nearby but was caught by the eyewitnesses who were already getting angry.

“We noticed his sack was dripping blood and we enjoined some people to help us query the man further. He quickly ran into a lake but he was caught. We opened the sack and saw fresh dead babies. When we interrogated him on what he was doing with the gory items, he refused to answer but noted that he killed the mother of the babies.

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