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“Una Papa Try” – Mum Shares Video Of 168 Tins Of Milk Her Triplets Have Finished



Mixed reactions have trailed a video showing the huge amount of Peak baby milk a mum has fed to her triplets.

The mum named Triplets Mum stormed TikTok with the video as she revealed that her children consume one tin of milk per day.

According to her, the ones she shared were not all that were consumed, as there were more.

In the short clip, she had the cans arranged in an orderly manner, just the same way they are arranged for sale in supermarkets.

The kids eat 1 tin of Peak baby milk every day She then had the kids sit in front of the stacked cans and then showed them off, telling them to see all they have eaten.

Although she did not reveal how long it took for the kids to finish the milk, they appear to be less than 12 months old. A simple count of the tins revealed that there are at least 168 tins.

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