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The Only African Country That Jesus Has Ever Visited, Stayed For 3 Years According To The Bible



If you tell people that Jesus Christ visited Africa while he was on earth, they would unavoidably deny that he did.

They are not surprised by this because they are fully aware that the Bible makes no mention of Africa. Thankfully, the name of the nation he visited has not changed.

According to the Bible, Jesus’ parents took him to Egypt, a North African nation, as a newborn to provide for his safety.

Jesus was born in Bethlehem and later migrated with his family to Nazareth, according to both of the New Testament’s gospels.

The Gospel of Matthew states that to save Jesus from Herod the Great’s intended execution of all male children in Bethlehem, Joseph, Mary, and Jesus had to flee to Egypt.

Mark 2:13.

“You must depart right away for Egypt with the young boy. Herod won’t stop looking for the infant until I direct him to do so.

The family remained in Egypt for three years until Joseph had a dream that it was now secure to go back to Israel as a result of Herod’s demise.

In Matthew 2:19–23.

In a dream, an angel of the Lord instructed Joseph to take Mary and Jesus out of Egypt when Herod passed away. Get up, take the infant and his mother, and travel to Israel, for those who were seeking the child’s life have perished, the angel commanded. The infant and his mother were then taken by Joseph, who then left for Israel.

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