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“Sell the ring and take care of your daughter” – Single mother cries profusely as fiancé abruptly cancels their engagement



A single mother of one has been left devastated after her fiancé broke off their engagement.

In the chats that the lady simply identified as Favour shared, showing how her fiancé, whom she dubbed “Her Everlasting,” ended their relationship, he just said he no longer wanted anything to do with her and provided no explanation.

The heartbroken lady repeatedly inquired what she had done wrong that made him decide to end their relationship, and he responded by saying, “I gave you a ring because I wanted to, and now I don’t want to anymore.”

He further stated that although they are no longer an item, he doesn’t intend to take the ring he had used to propose to her and suggested that she sell it to take care of herself and her child.

“Favour go and sell the ring. Use it to take care of your daughter. Like I said, I have moved on. I don’t need you anymore, so move on as well. I gave you a ring because I wanted to, and now I’m done,” he told her.

Devastated, the woman shared a video of herself crying profusely as she stirred at the ring.

“Why now, Am so lonely can I ever forget this, Goooddd. Maybe I should tag him so you guys should help me beg him”, she captioned the video of her crying her.

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