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Man narrowly escapes death after his mom called him home while heading to club with friends who later had an accident



In a very tragic event, four men have lost their lives in a car accident that occurred while they were driving to a nightclub in Lagos on Wednesday, October 19.

It was gathered that a friend of the departed souls was in the car with them when he suddenly received a call from his mother who told him to come and see her immediately.

He initially refused to return home and said he would see her when he returns from the club, but his friends urged him to go home. He alighted from the car and the other guys continued the ride to the club.

Sadly, the four guys were involved in a horror car crash which claimed their lives.

A Twitter user who relayed the morbid incident, @khanofkhans11_, wrote,

“Group of 5 Niggas wanted to go to club last night, one of them halted from the car cos his mom called him to come see her urgently. He said he will see her when he comes back, his friends had to force him to go see her. The four friends died in a fatal car accident overnight. 😔

Couldn’t post other pictures. One of the niggas brain was out of his skull, hanging on a part of the car.”

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