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Peter Obi Explains Why He Was Mentioned In Pandora Papers (Video)



Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of Labour Party has explained why he was mentioned in Pandora papers..

The presidential candidate spoke during an interview with Chude.

He said the money mentioned is investment he made while in the UK. According to him, he had the money sent to a trustfund before he assumed his role as governor.

He challenged people to go and check if there were any new investment while he was governor of Anambra state.

The Pandora Papers are 11.9 million leaked documents with 2.9 terabytes of data that the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists published beginning on 3 October 2021. The Pandora Papers unmask the hidden owners of offshore companies, secret bank accounts, private jets, yachts, mansions belonging to the rich and powerful.

Watch video below:

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