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Lady Leaks Her Chat with Married Man who Hid His Marital Status Till She Saw His Wedding Photo on Facebook



Ayisa, a young lady, recounted her encounter with a married man who claimed to be single. Ayisa stated that she had been speaking with the man for some time and had no idea he was already married.

She saw a photo of him and his wife on Facebook one fateful day. She surprised him by congratulating him, and he responded.

She confronted him about it on WhatsApp, and he categorically denied getting married or sharing photos on Facebook.

When confronted with clear evidence, the young man claimed he needed to pretend to be married in order to obtain his visa.

This excuse, however, did not last, as he later claimed that ‘poverty’ had led him into numerous relationships.

“This man was arguing with me that he wasn’t married. Something that I said congratulations on Facebook and he said thank you.”

Netizens share their thoughts

Abisola Ogun said:

“Reminds me of one that told me he is semi-married, I was like which one is semi-married? Are u married or not.”

Janu Peter wrote:

“So a man cannot cut wedding cake with his sister or close friend or cousin again?”

Itoro Ngozi reacted:

“Reminds me of one that told me his wife is his baby mama. Saw their wedding pictures later. Dunno why they like to lie for 5 mins pleasure.”

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Ms. Sweet Soul reacted:

“Aswear. I bookmarked both versions. Anytime I get bored I’ll go and laugh.”

Japhet Edidiong wrote:

“This picture simple. He could have said he stood in for his brother who couldn’t come back home for the TM. Cade closed.”

Joshua Great Light wrote:

“Men be wilding in this Lagos o. E say na fiesta. If e con be the real party nko, dem go paste am for billboard.”

Ms Carev commented:

“You should actually show the picture of this man. I understand you covering the lady’s face but this man needs to be aired out like kpata.”

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