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“He Shot Me And Said It Was a Mistake” – Young Cameroonian Lady Who Lost An Eye to Gunshot Speak (Video below)



A pretty lady named Naronate Akum Ngwa who lost one of her eyes to a fatal gunshot has shared her shocking experience
Naronate narrated how the incident that took her eyes happened when she was just 20 years old in Cameroon.

She said people look at her as if she is strange and that she feels down many times because of her facial appearance. Naronate Akum Ngwa, a pretty young woman from Cameroon has shared the shocking story of how she lost one of her eyes.

Naronate said she lost her eye when she was shot at by someone who had come to buy ‘puf puf’ from her in Cameroon.

I don’t know why he shot me, According to her, she does not know why the person shot her, but the incident happened during the Anglophone crisis in her country.

The experience has left Naronate with a serious scar such that people easily notice her presence.

Because of this, she says she feels bad and has many times felt like dying but gave up the idea because of her family.

She spoke to @bbc Pidgin:

“I go look inside mirror sometimes and I go start to de cry, I even feel sometimes like make I just die but na me be first pikin, I think of my three younger sisters plus my mama and papa how dem don suffer for me, and how dem still love me.”

Watch the video below:

Social media reactions

@ukaypeters said:

“She’s beautiful o. My dear most people don’t survive what you went through. Wear your scars proudly. A second chance at life is worth living well darling.”

@iam_lizqueen commented:

“What people go through in Cameroon but can’t come out to speak. God help us.”

@zackramatdaniya said:

“Her self-confidence is great. Thank God for keeping her alive.”

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