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Class 7 Girl Reports Mom For Killing Baby And Hiding Body Under Bed For A Week



A class seven pupil has reported her mother for killing their new born baby and hiding the body under their bed.

The class seven girl told the police that her mother had hidden the body of their newborn sibling under the bed for about one week.

She reported her mother on Friday under the OB number OB No. 27/28/10/2022 at the Kajiado Police Station.

The girl, aged 14 years, told the police that after killing the baby, her mother had stuffed the body in a plastic bucket. She then filled it to the brim with water and hid it under the bed.

After a week, she said that their house became uninhabitable because of the foul smell from under the bed.

“I have been unable to live in our house because of the foul smell coming from under the bed,” she told the police.

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