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“I Regret Adopting A Child To Live As Single Mother After My…” – Woman Lament In Pains



A 61-year-old woman identified as Esther from county is in deep regret as she narrates what her adopted child has made her to go through.

According to Esther, she studied up to high school, although she didn’t manage to complete school. This was because her single mother wasn’t able to pay the rest of her fees. She therefore decided to get married so that she can escape the poverty at home.

Unfortunately, after eight years of not conceiving, she was chased away by her in laws and husband. That cycle continued with her second and third husband until she gave up trying. She decided to live by herself and adopt a child instead

A cousin of hers, helped her with the processes and after a year, she was given a beautiful baby girl who was only months old. She was very excited, and she dedicated most of her life taking care of the baby. However, things changed drastically after the child was in upper primary.

This was after her neighbors informed the child that Esther was not her biological mother. The girl started to hate Esther with passion and even ran away from home at times. Their relationship became shaky thereafter, she sadly says. This went on for a while, and when the girl completed class eight, she got pregnant.

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Esther sacrificed to take care of the newborn baby so that the mother would go back to school. After she joined high school, things moved from bad to worse. She started abusing drugs and even took weed. She listened to nothing Esther told her, and she even went to an extent of insulting her, saying that she wishes her death.

Time went by and when the girl was intoxicated, she would come and beat her thoroughly whenever she asked her to help her take care of her kid. Since she is of age and doesn’t have the strength to fight for herself, she ends up hurting her. The chaos has gone on for a while now, and Esther fears for her life. She has tried to report to the chief of their area, but she hasn’t found any help.

The girl completed school, although she is now a drunkard, and she even got pregnant and delivered another baby. Esther is the one who takes care of the kids since their mother doesn’t bother. However, she deeply regrets her decision of adopting her and wishes that she had stayed that way without a child.

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