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“Bulletproof Car Saved Pastor, Not Miracle” – Singer Portable Throws Shade



Controversial Nigerian singer, Portable, has pointed out the excesses of religion in Nigeria. The singer, in a video currently trending on social media, averred that a lot of Nigerians have been blinded by religion and not thinking.

He spoke about how members of a certain church in Nigeria contributed to buying a bulletproof car for their pastor.

He said sadly, the clergyman was attacked by unknown gunmen while in the bulletproof car, but he managed to escape, and the church members are testifying that their pastor was saved by a miracle.

Portable urged them to think and reiterated that the bulletproof car saved the pastor and that no miracle happened.

“Pastor no won go heaven again comot your eyes for church money na pastor get am, members donate bullet proof car for the pastor, the pastor was attacked by unknown gun men, members celebrate the incident as a miracle, bulletproof save the pastor not a miracle.

“Members worshiping their pastor never wise up bulletproof saved the pastor not a miracle ☝️ God no go shame us. “A delusion is something that people believe in despite a total lack of evidence. Religion has blindfolded my people and thinking is no more valuable.” He said.

Although Portable avoided using a specific name, netizens interpreted his post as a dig at Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) General Overseer Apostle Johnson Suleman, who recently survived an assassination attempt in Auchi, Edo State.

Recall that unknown gunmen attacked the clergyman’s convoy along Warake road in Auchi on Friday, October 21.

The assailants opened fire at them and killed seven persons – four policemen, one driver and a lady. Fortunately for the clergyman, he and his family managed to escape unhurt.

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