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What Peter Obi Said When Asked What Is The Difference Between Him And Atiku In Terms Of Ideology



According to Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party, there are no ideological disagreements between him and Abubakar Atiku, the nominee for the People’s Democratic Party.

Obi stated this during an interview on Arise TV Prime Time on Wednesday

Obi replied that there was no difference in ideology between him and Atiku when questioned about it.

He continued by saying that Nigerians must decide which of the presidential candidates running in 2023 they trust the most.

His words: “I have said it before, there is no different ideology between all of us that are running. Our politics has not matured where we have different ideologies, beliefs, and everything”

“We are at what you can call developmental level. So, there is not much difference. What we are competing today or what Nigerians think is the choice before them now is of all these people promising the same thing, who can we trust? So, what we are selling now is trust. What we are selling now is a character,” he said.

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