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“I’m single and searching” – Nigerian lady born with male and female organs cries out (Video)



I Can Impregnate a Girl”: Nigerian Lady Born with Male & Female Reproductive Organs is Searching for Love.

A Nigerian lady born with reproductive organs of both genders has boldly come out about her birth condition called inters*ex

The lady who already has a daughter which was born to her by someone says she doesn’t menstruate

While stating that she is single and searching for love, the lady sent some important messages to her potential suitors

A Nigerian lady has caused a stir on social media after she came out as inters*ex, meaning someone with male and female reproductive organs.

In a TikTok video that has now amassed over 1 million views, the lady said she was born that way and didn’t offend anyone.

In a subsequent release, the lady shared more information about her personal life and body.

The Nigerian who openly expressed her desire to be in a relationship revealed that she doesn’t menstruate.

She also wanted her potential suitors to note that she is able to impregnate another lady, given that she has a male reproductive organ.

In one of her numerous TikTok videos, the lady said she is a mother of one and impregnated a lady who bore the child.



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