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“I Don’t Know How To Say It” – Video as Man Goes To Buy Bra But Was Shy To Tell The Salesgirl (Video below)



Jeff Ukiri, a funny TikToker took to a shop abroad where he said he wanted to get a bra for himself.

However, when he got there, he could not mention the name of what he wanted as he kept stuttering and mumbling to the Danish salesgirl he met in the bra shop.

When he entered the shop, he was warmly welcomed by the pretty girl who told him how she likes Nigerian and Ghanaian men.

But the conversation become funny as Jeff wanted to mention the bra and the size he wanted. He kept saying “I want one of those things.”

The girl was amused when he said he want the bra for himself. When he posted the video on TikTok, some of his followers accused him of trying to ‘toast’ the Danish girl.

One said he only used the bra as a cover-up as he is asked to go straight to the point.

@Adroben said: “Oga if na the babe u find go. go straight, don’t go through corners.”

@Shaban Nonda commented: “She is lovely and down to earth.”

@Kelechi commented: “Danish girls are pretty and friendly.”

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