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How Native doctor turns N1,000 written on paper into real cash (Video below)



A native doctor has amazed netizens with his traditional means of printing real cash without the use of machine or any technological device.

He showed a white paper which had N1,000 written on it and turned the paper into real 1,000 Naira cash.

In a video making the rounds online, he set the paper on fire, put it in his mouth and began some fetish acts.

The herbalist displayed his open hands to a camera to prove that he was not holding any money.

He then dipped his hand into a basin of water and recited some incantations for a few seconds after which he brought a real N1000 note.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, a video which has melted hearts shows the moment some child beggars donated money for their benefactor.

The young man revealed that he often gives the kids money whenever he sees them begging on the streets.

Son on one fateful day he decided to reverse the roles and told them that he was hungry but didn’t have money to eat.

The child beggars started contributing the money they had and handed it over the man who counted it and discovered he was given a total of N230.

He thanked the children for the kind gesture by giving each of them a handshake. He, however, returned the cash and gave them N1,000 note to share.

He handed it to the eldest amongst the and the kids were so happy. They all got into a group hug before the man bade them farewell.

Social media users were moved to emotions and prayed for them to be blessed.

nnenna_blessin; So kind of them

broda_henry; Chai, Their future is blessed in Jesus mighty Name!

joshua_ekwueme; Nice one bro……At least you have people that can help you out in hard times.

timblaze_; We all use to be this pure and sweet🥹, nah this life just show us pepper.

leaddyskincare; That’s why the Bible says “if only a man’s heart can be like that of a child”

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