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“Bulletproof Cars Won’t Save You From Uneducated Children” – Reps Tell Governors



Lawmakers of the House of Representatives on Tuesday, September 13, called on state governors to prioritise basic education or be ready to face dangers that may arise from its negligence.

Daily Trust reports that the House of Representatives Ad-hoc Committee on Basic Education and Services advised the governors to prioritise child education for their own interests.

Speaking at the end of a two-day oversight visit to inspect completed and ongoing UBEC-SUBEB projects in Ilorin, Kwara state’s capital city, the chairman of the committee, Julius Ihonvbere, warned that bulletproof cars, dogs, barbed wires and other forms of security measure would not save governors from the wrath of uneducated children.

Ihonvbere states found culpable of diverting UBEC grants to the detriment of Nigerian children would be made to face sanction.

His words:

“I would like to advise state governments to take basic education seriously in their own interest. Bulletproof cars, dogs and barbed wire cannot save them from the anger of uneducated, abused and marginalised children in the consequences. “There are penalties for states where UBEC allocated critical infrastructure to some state governments but were abandoned.”

Way forward for Nigeria’s basic education Ihonvbere also noted that the legislature is making plans to amend the UBEC Act in such a way that can support the commission to retrieve critical facilities and put them to public use.

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He added:

“We are looking at ways to compel compliance with the law of the land; a situation whereby states that have not accessed the marching grant or have accessed it but used it wrongly will face some penalties.”

He also said that states that comply with the commission’s action plans will be rewarded with more support to do better.

Education experts reveal why Nigeria is experiencing low learning outcomes. had earlier reported that experts across the country have called for strategic approaches to improving learning outcomes in school children.

The experts warned that 70 per cent of the children who are currently in school are not even learning. According to them, there is also a need for all stakeholders in education to work towards ensuring teachers’ development bearing in mind, the importance of training and retraining school instructors.

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