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“Electing Leaders Based On ‘My Turn, Criminal Structure’ Put Nigeria In Mess” – Obi Tells CNN



The candidate of Labour Party in the forthcoming presidential election, Peter Obi, has revealed how he plans to transform Nigeria’s economy and deal with the country’s myriad of security challenges if elected president.

Obi, in an interview with CNN’s Zain Asher on Friday, said Nigeria needs a leader that is ready to tackle the issue of security heads-on as it was impacting negatively on the economy.

The LP candidate said the problems facing the country were solvable, but needed competent and committed leaders with a clear vision of how to deal with them.

He noted that the country had in the past chosen leaders based on ethnicity, religion or one form of bias, a phenomenon he said had put the country in a state of physical mess.

“If you have a leader that is competent, has the capacity, and has commitment to start dealing with it, you’re not going to solve it overnight but there will be a clear, visible, measurable attempt to deal with it.

And we know they are things that are solvable, they are things that can be dealt with decisively, but you have to have a leader that if you look at what they have been able to do in the past, you can say yes that person can solve them,” Obi said.

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Obi noted that for Nigeria to move forward economically, the country needs to reduce the cost of governance and deal decisively with the issue of corruption.

“There are a variety of things, one is that you have to deal decisively with the issue of security, it’s impacting negatively on the economy today, you have to deal with it head on because you have to get the farmers to go back to farm and start ensuring that the vast land of the north are invested and cultivated on.

You have to start pulling people out of poverty as quickly as possible, you have to reduce, aggressively, the cost of governance and deal with the issue of corruption, The former Anambra governor held that there is a need to remove fuel subsidy and invest the money in critical areas of production.

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