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Young man dresses like woman And joins mums in their August meeting in funny video



A young Nigerian man decided to join mothers at their August meeting and recorded what went down on the popular occasion. In a hilarious video shared by the man on TikTok via his handle @puppitalker, he sported a green flip-flop on a native wrapper and blouse like every other mum at the yearly meeting.

As he got close to the high table, the anchor and women’s leader, having identified the stranger in their midst, began to engage him.

He faked being a new mum Speaking in Igbo dialect, the woman jokingly remarked that he came at the right time as they were at the program point of registering new members. The funny youth, when quizzed, told the mums that he has been married for three years and has four children.

The mothers were entertained by the youth who acted like he was a new mum who wanted to join the group. Some mums took pictures with him, while others recorded him with their phones. learnt that the incident happened at an August meeting that was held in Nkwerre, Imo state.

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