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Why I Killed My Children With A Stone – Father Confesses



A Nigerian man known as Elisha Tari is currently in police custody after he was arrested for killing his own children..

The man aged 25, reportedly stoned two of his children to death and was arrested last Thursday, August 18 by officials of the Adamawa State Police Command in Michika Local Government Aread

Elisha Tari explained the reason for taking the lives his of his 3 and 5 year-old children and according to him, his wife packed out of their house eight weeks ago and he tried to reunite with her but all attempts amounted to nothing.

When his kids visited, he asked them, “When is your mother returning home?” and also asked them to say “God”, but they kept saying “fire” instead.

“I became irritated and provoked by their action as a result which I picked up stones and hit them on their head to death”, Tari confessed.

The accused revealed he once once chained and confined to a room because of mental disorder. claimed he had a psychological problem and was once tied with chains because of a mental disorder.

“I smoke Indian hemp, drink alcohol and inhale snuff. I do not in any way take tramadol or any other hard drugs,” he said.

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