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“The real crocs” – Funny Reactions Trails Video Of Man’s Bizarre Crocodile Shoes (Video below)



Fashion is considered a form of expression for many people, regardless of how bizarre it may seem.

A man recently got social media users buzzing with reactions after a video of his interesting footwear surfaced online.

In the video, he is seen wearing a pair of crocodile-inspired shoes which bore a strong resemblance to the animal.

The black footwear featured hands, legs and even the heads of the crocodile, looking like a real reptile with shoe holes.

Watch Video Below:

Social media users react to video of crocodile shows

wasehembadoon: “Lacoste live and direct.”

chinwe_oriaku: “The real crocs.”

samuelotigba: “An Igbo man’s final level after defeating net shirt.”

ujinrosean1: “E for take am waka make we see na.”

officialibadanproperties: “If our Igbo brother catch this shoe.”

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