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Paul Pogba’s brother Mathias vows to reveal information about the Juventus star and Kylian Mbappe



Paul Pogba’s brother, Mathias, has vowed to reveal ‘explosive’ information about the Juventus midfielder in a bizarre video posted on Twitter on Saturday night.

The 32-year-old, who previously had spells in English football at Wrexham, Crewe and Crawley Town, has only just joined Twitter, and it has not taken him long to make an impact on the social media platform.

He claimed that he will share revelations about his brother, hinting that this could lead to the public and the ex-Manchester United star’s team-mates turning against him.

Paul Pogba celebrated winning the World Cup with his brothers and mum, but Mathias Pogba has now said he will share ‘explosive’ revelations about the former Man United midfielder

‘The French, English, Italian and Spanish public, in other words the whole world, as well as my brother’s fans, and even more so the French team and Juventus, my brother’s team-mates and his sponsors deserve to know certain things,’ Mathias Pogba said.

‘In order to make an informed decision if he deserves the admiration, respect and love of the public.

‘If he deserves his place in the French team and the honour of playing in the World Cup. If he deserves to be a starter at Juventus.

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‘If he is a trustworthy person, that any player deserves to have at his side.’

Mathias Pogba has claimed he has ‘important things’ to say about Kylian Mbappe

It is not clear what the France international may have done to upset his older brother, at this stage.

Pogba then turned his attention to Kylian Mbappe, claiming he has ‘important things’ to say about the PSG striker.

‘I will tell you very important things about him and there will be elements and many testimonies to confirm my words,’ Pogba added, when talking about Mbappe.

Once again, it is not obvious as to why the elder Pogba could have fallen out with Mbappe

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