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“Nobody Is Taking Peter Obi Serious Because His Ambition Is Dead On Arrival” – Den Ulasi Reveals



“I am privileged to have been the state chairman of two national parties. I did the June 12 election as the state chairman of the NRC in Anambra State. I also served as the PDP chairman in Anambra State during the administration of Chris Ngige.

These were two critical stages in the lives of my people. My interest in Peter Obi made me go to the three zones in the north to question the possibility of my brother, Peter Obi, becoming the next president.

“They laughed at me and told me it was not an internet affair. They questioned what happened in Osun state, where the governorship candidate of Peter Obi’s party only won his polling boot while losing his ward and his local government. The rest is history.

This is where the sympathy begins. If the people of Osun State could not trust their own son who was running for governor, what was their business with Peter Obi? I warned about applying tribal sentiment to the presidential race, but that is where we are headed towards.

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